Focus welcomes Fort Worth Independent School District!

March 27, 2013

Focus welcomes Broward County School CTACE Division!

March 2, 2014

Focus welcomes George Stone Technical Center!

February 28, 2014

Focus welcomes Osceola County School District!

February 25, 2013

Focus welcomes Columbia County Schools!

June 16, 2013

Focus welcomes Little Elm Independent School District!

June 19, 2013

Focus welcomes Bradford County School District!

October, 2013

One Integrated Solution Focused On All Educational Needs



  • Focus/SIS handles setting up subject and courses

  • Walk-in scheduling

  • Mass adding and deleting courses

  • Elementary package scheduling

  • Supports rolling over master schedule

  • Extensive scheduling reports

  • District course catalog

  • Requests can be entered by students or administrator

  • Includes a master schedule builder and loader

  • Builds and loads a 2,000 student high school in under 5 minutes

Finance, Accounting, HR, Payroll

Finance, Accounting, HR, Payroll

  • Online purchasing, fixed assets, warehousing, HR, and payroll

  • PO Approvals are handled through a workflow driven by email

  • Built around the specifications of the Redbook in Florida & NCES for school districts in the U.S.

  • Paystubs & HR information available to staff online

  • Fully-integrated with the SIS

Assessment System

Assessment System

  • Built for Race to the Top and Common Core

  • Incredibly fast interface for building tests & items

  • Preview tests & items as you build them

  • Students can take tests online or with scantron

  • Online tests and printed tests print without blurry images, formulas, or text

  • Integrated with Focus’ longitudinal assessment reporting

  • Integrated with the gradebook



  • Drag and drop ad hoc report builder

  • Built in custom reports

  • Publish reports to users by profile

  • All reports can be exported to Excel or PDF

  • Built in scheduling, grade distribution, attendance, discipline and teacher completion reports

Report Cards/Transcripts

Report Cards/Transcripts

  • Custom report card and transcript templates

  • Standards based report cards

  • Save paper by publishing report cards to the parent portal

  • Pull progress reports at anytime using gradebook grades



  • 100% web-based for teachers, parents, students administrators

  • System generated alerts and customizable workflow alerts

  • Single sign-on to other access systems

  • Easy navigation to historical data



  • Daily Visit Log – tracks student clinic visits

  • Medication administration – tracks student medication distribution and administrations

  • Immunization records – documents shot records

  • Uploading health and physical forms – scan and upload medical records

  • Medical Alert documentation and alert icon – documents health action plans and provides medical alert icons

  • Health Services Report – summary report of medical treatments, nurse assessments, first aid and more

Full Teacher Gradebook

Full Teacher Gradebook

  • Accessible by teachers from home or any computer.

  • Saves automatically.

  • Four tiers of built in security.

  • Gradebook is accessible by administrators for progress monitoring throughout the marking period.

  • High level of customization by teachers allows for accommodating nearly every type of grading method.

  • Reports that provide in-depth analytics on missing grades, transferred students, grade distribution, and other reports.

  • Ability to add comments with a spell check.



  • Easy to use teacher and administrator initiated referrals

  • Customizable fields and validation rules

  • Allows administrators to review and track student discipline with useful reports

  • Reduced data entry for office staff by allowing administrators to directly take action on a referral within Focus

  • Serious discipline incidents can be linked to multiple students for reporting purposes

  • Powerful reports that allow administrators at a glance to spot trends in school discipline data

  • Automatic generation of discipline letters

Performance Reports

Performance Reports

  • State Performance Report – 3 year trend on student assessment data

  • At Risk Student Report – 3 year trend of at-risk cohort

  • College Readiness Report – SAT, ACT, State College Readiness testing report

  • School Status Report – Proficiency and learning gains report by teacher

  • Available for teachers by class

  • Available for administrators by school

  • Integrates with Focus’ student testing and assessment tool

State Reporting

State Reporting

  • Direct FTP upload/download to DOE

  • DOE verification reports – correct data at the source before it is sent to the state

  • State Pre-ID extracts – simple click to generate state required pre-id files

  • Class size report – know class size numbers and sections over class size instantly

  • Electronic records transmission

  • FTE Detail Report – check individual student minutes

  • FTE Summary Report – check school and district funding totals

  • Direct Certification Process and Missing Children Report